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I am Joseph Manley, the owner of this website. With programming being one of my major hobbies, I am currently attending college to continue my education in Computer Science. My experince is mostly in type based languages such as C#, but more recently I have had a focus on learning python. I find differences in languages extremely interesting. That is why I also spend a fair amount of time studying Japanese. でも、私は日本語がちょっとむずかしいです。 If you have an interest in following my progress or wanting my skills, I should be accessible via the contact information listed on this webpage.
Thank you,
Joseph Manley

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Twitter: @mrhiggintop
Google+: +JosephManleyPlus
Quora: Joseph Manley
LinkedIn: Joseph Manley
Facebook: /MrHiggintop
YouTube: Joseph Manley
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